5 proven ways to get your store to stand out

July 2, 2020

Retail is becoming increasingly competitive and consumers today have a lot more choices when it comes to where to shop. Coming up with ways to make your store more memorable is essential.

Here are some suggestions:

Have a distinctive brand – Identify your brand’s essence (i.e. what you’re all about and what you stand for) and communicate it in your store. If you’re a contemporary company, your store will have a modern look and feel. Going for a classic image? Perhaps a traditional or rustic look would work well. Be clear on your brand, then make sure it translates in-store.

Optimise your product placement and merchandising – Eye level is buy level. If you want your key products to stand out in the eyes of your shoppers, you need to place them in highly visible and easy-to-reach places.

Offer a consistent experience online and offline – If you have an ecommerce site as well as a bricks and mortar shop, make sure that both stores share the same design and aesthetic.

Launch a loyalty program – Build your brand loyalty via a personalised rewards programme. Look to others in the market place for ideas on what works. For best results, opt for a digital platform that doesn’t use physical loyalty cards, to streamline the experience of your members.

Level up your customer service – The feelings that you evoke in your customers are far more memorable than any product you sell. If you want to stand out, make sure you’re offering amazing customer service. Accomplishing that can mean various things. It could mean remembering and appreciating repeat customers, forging a local connection with shoppers or putting your amazing product knowledge to good use.

Hope this helps!