Get Advice

Geting advice on your accounting or bookkeeping needs is very easy with BTE Accounting Services.

To get BTE Accounting services to act as your bookkeeper or an accountant follow these seven easy steps ⟶
1 Discuss your needs – We are an effective communicator, we keep all our ears wide open and listen about your business. We review the information and provide you customized proposal on the level of bookkeeping services you need.

2 Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation – We discuss the proposal with you in details so that you can understand what are all services included. We do a positive negotiation and come to the acceptance level of the proposal.

3 The proposal signed off – You signed off the proposal and send it to us. We will start doing groundwork and start maintaining your accounts.

4 Your records – Your records in your documents are either scanned or faced and are transmitted to us via the internet.

5 Electronic Filling – Once we receive your documents, we file them electronically and attach them to the relevant transactions within your books in a secure and in an efficient manner.

6 Timely Reports – Once you have sent your files, we will do “bookkeeping” or “accounting” and update your books. We submit timely reports to you so that you know how well your books are maintained. You are with BTE, you are in safe hands.

7 The information isavailable whenever you need it – Once our bookkeepers have processed your data, a review of output is completed. You can request to view the data or reports anytime. Reports include P&L, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Reports, BAS and IAS reports, payroll, management reports and many more are available from us on your books. Reports are provided at every stage and communication is available via email or other alternatives.