Cloud Accounting Solutions

Our Cloud-based Accounting Solutions is also supported by following famous Accounting solutions and services along with the support of our experts to implement these solutions for different types of business needs:

QBO (Quick Books Online)                                                   Image result for qbo logo

QBO is one of the top accounting solutions that’s being used by small and medium-sized businesses to manage their accounts online. By using QBO through our professional ways can help you in accessing your accounts and other resources efficiently at any time and through the device of your choice.

MYOB (Mind Your Own Business)                                   Image result for myob logo

MYOB contains fast and easy cloud-based solutions to manage your bookkeeping, ATO Compliance, and cash flow requirements in an effective way. We can help your company manage your accounting needs through MYOB and make you independent in handling your financial matters without external help.

Xero can bring revolutionary change in your business!xero logo

XERO is a cloud-based accounting solution that could help manage real-time accounting, invoicing, and payroll of small and medium-sized businesses through an online portal. Our professional experts can help you manage your accounts by using XERO and its extremely useful add-on optimized as per your needs.

Cloud Accounting Solutions Features Include:

  • Easy invoicing: One can create repeated invoices and also receive updates on the status of the invoice.
  • Speedy Inventory Control: The software can manage the inventory quickly and accurately by tracking the stock-in-hand and its value and can do invoicing as needed.
  • Multi currency control: The software updates the exchange rate of various currencies every hour and can manage accounts involving 160 different currencies using automatic currency conversion facility.
  • Purchase Control: Xero puts everything including orders placed, agreed price, delivery schedule and payments ready-at-hand bidding good bye to traditional data entry system.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Using the Xero mobile apps one can easily keep track of the accounts on iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone during travelling.
  • Third-party apps connectivity: Can be integrated to many add-on business apps such as ‘unleashed software’ for inventory control, ‘workflow max’ for job management, invoices & tracking, ‘MRP Easy’ for managing costs, and ‘PayPal’ for financial transactions etc.

beautiful accounting software

How does it help the mall business?

Using Xero software it is possible to avoid duplication or multi-handling of accounting and data recording jobs. Moreover, as the software indulges in could accounting process, this displays a better overview of the financial position and helps in saving lot of time and money for the small business.

For controlling the accounts online Xero offers the best solution. With its strength, simplicity, and super-activity, it allows attaching files to the financial data and can also generate quick updated reports for controlling the business in an efficient manner.