Wait for a week and get Extra $1,000-00 tax Refund to get the 2019 Budget get through

July 3, 2019

Scott Morrison’s his election promises on a revamped tax plan redesigned to deliver savings of up to $1000 for low- and middle-income workers earning less than $190,000.

Pledging to “share the dividends” of a stronger budget before the Coalition’s bid for re-election, the Prime Minister confirmed there will be a budget surplus for the first time in a decade and relief for families and pensioners who will secure a one-off $75 energy bonus.

Tax cuts of up to $1,000-00 a year, however, would simply match what Labor has already offered from 2019 onward for workers earning $90,000 a year.

Hinting at further tax cuts, he also confirmed the budget will address “cost-of-living pressures”.

“We believe it’s only fair – it’s only fair that we share that dividend with Australians who need it most,” Mr Morrison said as the 2019 Election Promise, waiting to be approved.